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Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine

Infectious diseases, which disproportionately impact low- and middle- income countries (LMICs), are an incredibly complex challenge for international health institutions. This is not only because of the ever-evolving pathogenic microorganisms that spread them, but also because of the multidimensional international response that is demanded to combat them. The Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine focus area of CIHLMU represented by the Teaching and Training Unit (T&TU) is driven by the notion that global health improvements can be achieved by educating and training international health professionals while encouraging research and cross-border collaboration.

The Teaching and Training Unit at the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, together with the CIHLMU , offers a renowned PhD program in Medical Research - International Health, which supports high-quality and context-specific research. It is a sandwich program with short periods of on-site classes in Munich and longer research periods in candidates ́ countries of origin. Although the research areas are broad – ranging from e.g. public health systems to maternal health – there is a unified goal of educating multipliers who can become experts in their field and in turn share their expertise. This mission is also dominant in the other educational opportunities, including the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and International Health as well as the Master of Science in International Health. These programs prepare health professionals to manage and respond to international problems in LMICs. In addition to this, advanced modules in International Health are offered in collaboration with the tropEd network. With our advanced courses, health professionals and students are able to dive deeper into topics related to international and global health.

T&TU Team together with Teresa Pérez and Laura Volbracht from the CIHLMU Office

Furthermore, the Teaching and Training Unit (T&TU) engages in the implementation and conduct of teaching formats for undergraduate students from the Medical Faculty of LMU Munich. These activities increasingly consider the responsibility to German society and reflect the desire to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially in LMICs. Therefore, health professionals that have been trained in Global Health and for deployment in international and interdisciplinary development projects, are urgently needed.

Aside from its educational offerings, CIHLMU also regularly hosts a Lecture Series on Global Health and invites experts from around the world to address pressing and pertinent health-related topics. The experience- and research-based exchange of ideas that result from this series embody the broader values of CIHLMU . Moving forward, we will continue to expand the international network, encourage international research and organize educational activities.

Team members

Munich Office
Dr. med. Günter Fröschl
Dr. med. Günter Fröschl
CIH Board Member
Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine
+49 (0) 89 4400 59820
 Dr. Sarah Scholze
Dr. Sarah Scholze
Ph.D. Program Coordinator
+49 (0)89 4400 59830
Lisa Hoffäller, M.A.
Lisa Hoffäller, M.A.
M.Sc. IH Program Coordinator
+49 (0) 89 440059815
Dr. Rayan Korri
Dr. Rayan Korri
tropEd and HSM Coordinator at LMU Munich