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Telemedical Consultation

Telemedical Forum Service on Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine

A Telemedical Forum service on Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, but with a focus on “COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)” has been running from April to June 2020 and from 10 May until 28 June 2021 at the Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine (DIDTM) at the University Hospital (LMU) Munich.

The aim of the service was to provide a platform for awareness raising and discussion on COVID-19 associated challenges in COVID-19 related IPC, and COVID-19 affected teaching and capacity development in health care.

Most frequently discussed topics:
  • COVID-19 Management
  • Vector Control as Disease topic
  • Mental Health in Infectious Diseases

Telemedical Clinic in Beira on Pediatrics

The CIHLMU funded project „Telemedical clinic in Beira“ consists of weekly virtual ward rounds. During these teleconferences, Doctors from the central hospital of Beira, Mozambique, present difficult cases from their department of pediatrics.

These cases are discussed with invited experts from the Munich university children’s hospital and the Munich university department of pediatric cardiology. At the moment, these discussions are done using „Zoom“. A mixed audience consisting of students and doctors from Mozambique and Germany is always present.

Most frequently discussed topics:
  • Severe diseases in children: neurological, cardiological, pulmonological, oncological, hepatological cases
  • Pediatric Surgery