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Ph.D. Thesis Submission

Once all requirements within the framework of the target agreement have been fulfilled, the supervisors can initiate the scientific assessment of the Ph.D. thesis. You need to submit all relevant documents to the Ph.D. program coordination, who in turn will forward all documents to the MMRS after reviewing them for completeness. We recommend that you to read our finalization handbook carefully to know all the important steps for submitting your thesis and the subsequent process.

Documents that need to be submitted to the Ph.D. program coordination:

  • Electronic version of your thesis in PDF format The thesis must be paginated and contain a table of contents, as well as a list of figures, tables and references. Furthermore, the thesis must contain a detailed summary, the signed affidavit, the signed confirmation of congruency, your CV and a list of all your scientific publications. There are two styles of writing a Ph.D. thesis- monographic or cumulative. We provide you with the two style templates that you can use to write your dissertation. The Ph.D. program coordination will submit one digital and two bound copies of your thesis to the MMRS.

  • Confirmation of all co-authors
    If you are writing a cumulative dissertation, the contribution of all co-authors to the publications needs to be indicated. A separate form needs to be submitted for each article. To be able to use a paper for a cumulative dissertation it has to be published in a journal, which is listed among the top 80% in its field. This is one of the prerequisites that has to be fulfilled to permit the use of a paper in a cumulative thesis. Please use this guide to determine the ranking of a journal.

  • iThenticate report (plagiarism check)
    As of October 2016, all theses must be checked for potential plagiarism before being submitted to the MMRS. Please note that only your supervisor can create an iThenticate account and submit your Ph.D. thesis. Your thesis can be checked twice, however, the version last reviewed must match the submitted thesis version. If the iThenticate verification report gives no reason to expect plagiarism, the supervisor needs to submit the filled and signed iThenticate Statement Form directly to the Ph.D. program coordination. For more information on the plagiarism software and the procedure at the faculty, please click here. Furthermore, to assist in the preparation of a dissertation and to prevent plagiarism, the Faculty of Medicine provides a citation guide.

  • Supervisor Consent Form
    The Supervisor Consent Form needs to be signed by all supervisors (local and LMU) of the Ph.D. candidate.

  • Application for Admission to the Ph.D. Examination Form
    This form needs to be filled in and signed by the Ph.D. candidate. Please note that the “Supervisor Declaration for Admission to the Oral Defense” needs to be filled in and signed by the habilitated LMU supervisor.

  • Declaration for the “Münchner Universitätsgesellschaft”

Important Downloads: