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Academic Teacher Training Course in Germany

Professionalization of medical education is a key factor for sustainable development of health care systems worldwide.

The goals, learning objectives and schedule for the course are developed jointly based on central topics of medical education. The courses are developed based on the faculty training program that has been provided for teaching staff at the medical faculty of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität since 1998.

The courses are designed to bring together academic staff with an interest in improving their skills as educators and medical educators planning innovations in the field of medical education.

Voices from former participants:

"ATTC is like a 5-day trip, where I discovered and explored different information, strategies and tools… crucial for improving my teaching skills."
Omar El Bounkari, Senior Scientist and Technical Laboratory Head, LMU University Hospital, LMU Munich, participant from ATTC 2023

"ATTC provides safe learning environment facilitated by a team of experienced faculty. I am confident that I will enjoy effective teaching experience with application of new teaching methods, online tools and soft skills I learnt from ATTC."
Pema Choden from Bhutan, Assistant Professor for Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences, participant from ATTC 2023

"The ATTC is a gift you can make yourself to become an effective educator."
Chime Eden, Dermatologist and Lecturer from Bhutan, participant from ATTC 2022

"ATTC has helped me to re-evaluate myself and become a better teacher."
Dr. Mekdim from Ethiopia, Surgeon and Assistant Professor, participant from ATTC 2021

  • Next Dates: February, 2nd 2024: Online Kick-Off Meeting February, 26th to March, 1st 2024: Online Course Week July 26th 2024: Online Symposium
  • Duration and Attendance: 7 days Online Course plus self-directed learning phases
  • Concept: Blended Learning (via ZOOM, Moodle)
  • Grade: Certificate of competence
  • Application Deadline: 26th November 2023
  • Course Fees: Registration Fee: €50 Tuition Fee: €600
  • Language: English

Please find the ATTC 2024 Flyer with all relevant information here

Teaching Methods

The course aims to initiate an active and participatory learning process by usingactivatingand interactivelearning methodsand concepts.The development of related competencies(e.g. intercultural and softs skills)are supported by tutored small group discussions, group work, group presentations and expert sessions.

Learning Content

In the course, the participants will:

  • structure the teaching and learning in large and small classes
  • perform curriculum development from learning objectives to assessment methods and teaching and learning activities
  • giving and receiving feedback to peers and students in their daily practice
  • get aware of requirements for intercultural communication and collaborations
  • share professional teaching expertise across different health professions and countries
  • use online facilitation tools and techniques to handle the requirements of the pandemic


If you would like to participate, please register here.

For registration please also prepare the following documents:

  • CV
  • Scan of passport
  • Support letter from the employer stating full support of the institution (see template)
  • A video recording of max. 2 minutes duration containing your self-presentation and motivation to participate

Course Fees

Please transfer the course fee only after receiving a written confirmation about your course participation.

In order to confirm your participation, please transfer the course fees via Paypal:

  • Registration fee € 50
  • Tuition fee € 600
  • Reduced tuition fee € 300 (lecturer at the MeCum)
    Important: Write your name and the course in the comment section of paypal, so we can identify your payment.
Academic Teacher Training Munich ATTC


For further information please contact: attc.cih@lrz.uni-muenchen.de