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The Future of Food Symposium Munich

Although more than enough food is produced globally to feed the world's population, a large number of people is still at risk and suffering from hunger. The way food is currently grown, processed, distributed, consumed and wasted threatens a sustainable, equitable and secure future of our food. It is undeniable that food systems are linked to climate change, biodiversity loss, migration, erosion of human rights, livelihoods, cultural practises, and increases in zoonotic diseases among many other pressing issues. More than ever, it is clear that our current food systems need to be transformed urgently. The CIHLMU Center for International Health recognizes that we can no longer neglect the impact food and nutrition has on the health and well being of all living organisms on our planet, including the health of the planet itself. Therefore, we strive to create an interdisciplinary and multicultural symposium series that opens the way for joint critical discussion about the future of our food.

The symposium is open to anyone interested in this topic.


Dr. Sarah Scholze
Dr. Sarah Scholze
Scientific Lead of the Future of Food Symposium Munich
+49 (0)89 4400 59830