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Webinar: Climate Change and Health

25 Mar 2021 14:30

The One Health Knowledge Café is one of the chosen projects of the One Health Funds 2020. It is a collaborative effort of more than 11 individuals representing the partners and alumni of the Center for International Health ( CIHLMU ) from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and North America. The project aims to enhance the academic network of CIHLMU experts, partners, alumni and students by organizing monthly virtual webinars, sharing sessions and offering an online course.

On 25 March 2021 One Health Knowledge Café organized the webinar on “Climate Change and Health”. Climate Change has affected the social and environmental determinants of health, posing significant risk to human health. Similarly, air pollution has been pointed out to be one of the contributing factors for COVID-19 disease and mortality, while more accurate research is needed in this regard.

The invited experts Dr Jennifer Crowe from the Universidad Nacional, Heredia (Costa Rica) and Dr Roberto G. Lucchini from the School of Public Health, Florida International University (USA) and University of Brescia (Italy) provided an overview on these aspects and helped us identify the ways they can be addressed. The experts explored the impact of climate change on health, as well as the incidence and mortality of COVID-19, with an emphasis on the positions of socioeconomic and environmental influences.

The two presentations were followed by a Q&A and discussion session. Around 70 people of various discipline, experts, researchers, academician and students from Africa, Asia, North America, South America and Europe participated in the webinar.

For further reading please find the Presentation and the recorded session on YouTube.

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