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Climate Change and Health: Initiating and Leading Transformational Change

This course has been accredited by tropEd Network for Higher Education Institutions in International Health.

Next Dates: the course will not take place in 2023 - we are currently working on an alternative
Registration Deadline: tba
Course credits: 3 ECTS
Costs: EUR 600
Location: online (tutor-facilitated)


  • introduction to climate science and climate change
  • associations between climate change and human health, presentation of observed and projected health impacts (beneficial and adverse effects) and discussion of selected example
  • concepts of climate change health adaptation and climate change mitigation, incl. economics of adaptation and mitigation and health co-benefits of climate change mitigation in the health sector and in other sectors (e.g. urban planning, food production and nutrition, transport)
  • current status of climate change mitigation and health adaptation on institutional, city, country and global level
  • frameworks of climate change, the health aspects of the SDG framework and planetary health with focus on interlinkages and synergies
  • transformational change concepts and examples in different sectors
  • concept of becoming a change agent, including examples and the opportunity to practice
  • first steps in designing and co-creating a transformational change agenda

Learning objectives:

At the end of the module, the participants will be able to:

  • recognize the basic mechanisms of climate change and other key dimensions of planetary health, explain its main drivers and observed and projected consequences,
  • illustrate observed and projected health impacts of climate change, present the concept of health adaptation measures and give examples,
  • explain health co-benefits of climate change mitigation measures in other sectors and provide examples,
  • associate the health aspect of climate change with international climate change frameworks and agreements and with the wider sustainable development and planetary health agenda,
  • construct an argument for the need of transformational change in the context of climate change & planetary health, and use new methods for creating a transformational case/agenda, and
  • identify the case for transformation to advocate for the climate change & health agenda and co-create a draft transformational agenda in a concrete local context/institution, jointly with key stakeholders.

Course Schedule:

  • synchronous sessions
  • asynchronous sessions: in between synchronous sessions, no more than 2-3 meetings per month (tutor-facilitated)