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Workshop "Data Analysis and Intepretation" for Health professionals

The workshop "Data Analysis and Interpretation" for Health professionals was one of the projects funded through the Network Funds 2015 of the Center for International Health, Ludwig Maximilians University.

The workshop was aimed at health professionals working in health services of the public or private sector, training centers for health professionals, health providers, and institutions with research activities. It aimed to strengthen the capacities of statistical analysis of the information produced for the continuous improvement of public health programs, epidemiological surveillance systems, and research that support public health decisions.

The workshop was developed during five months, with face-to-face meetings and with virtual support (Moodle), and had a total workload of 100 academic hours distributed in five modules:

  1. basic principles of quantitative research
  2. design of instruments and construction of databases
  3. descriptive statistics
  4. inferential statistics (up to multiple logistic regression models)
  5. results reporting. Participation was limited to 30 professionals

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