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Munich Climate School 2022

The Munich Climate School 2022 is an interdisciplinary summer school at the Ludwigs-Maximilians- Universität München and will take place from 18-23 July with 25 participants in person and a limited number of digital participants.

Climate change affects all areas of our lives and thus also the most diverse research areas of our university. We are therefore firmly convinced that the right way to deal with climate change can only be found in dialogue between different disciplines. We are therefore looking forward to exciting lectures by 25 lecturers from, among others, the natural sciences, law, economics and political sciences as well as philosophy and medicine. We consider it important to start to a dialogue between lecturers and participants at eye level and look forward to inspiring discussions.

Further information, the complete programme and information on the lecturers are now available at www.munich-climate-school.lmu.de. The event is explicitly open to students from all over the world and all disciplines.


Registration is open now and up to and including 30 June.


For questions, please contact climateforum@lmu.de or use the contact form on the website.