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JITOHealth goes online on the DWIH website!

The One Health Project JITOHealth (Joint Initiative for Teaching and Learning on Global Health Challenges and One Health), led by Prof. Dr. Creuza Rachel Vicente, is one of the currently running One Health Funds Projects at CIHLMU .

JITOHealth involves graduate programs of six universities from Brazil (UFES, UFPR), Germany (LMU, TUM), Mozambique (UCM), and Kosovo (KAAB) in the international course Global Health Challenges and One Health, which applies collaborative online international learning principles, contributing to curriculum internationalization by promoting exchange even in the challenging pandemic of COVID-19.

We are very happy and proud that the JITOHealth project is represented on the Homepage of the The German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) São Paulo. Congratulations to the JITOHealth Team!

Please find the article in German here.

If you would like to learn more about the JITOHealth project, please click here.