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One Health Knowledge Café

One Health Knowledge-Café - Webinar Series

The "One Health Knowledge Café" is one of the chosen projects of the One Health Funds 2020. It is a collaborative effort of more than 11 individuals representing the partners and alumni of the Center for International Health ( CIHLMU ) from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and North America. The project aims to enhance the academic network of CIHLMU experts, partners, alumni and students by organizing monthly virtual webinars, sharing sessions and offering an online course.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected all countries worldwide, limiting people’s ability to travel and meet face to face. Hence, the importance of virtual learning and networking increased enormously.

Course on Outbreak Stewardship:

The One Health Knowlegde Café team developed the course "Introduction to Disease Outbreak Investigation".
For more information, please click here.

Webinars on One Health topics:

The One Health Knowledge Café Team organized a series of webinars that brought together experts from different countries to share their country specific situation and responses to COVID-19 and contribute in the effort of combating the problem of COVID-19 by establishing better linkages with researchers and professionals from different countries and experts from different fields.

The complete sessions and the presentations of the passed webinars are available here:

Webinar series within 2020

The One Health Knowledge Café project team also produced these short videos:

Video on heterologous vaccination or the combination of vaccines for Covid-19

Video on Covid-19 as Chronic Disease


For more information please contact the One Health Knowledge Café Team at onehealthknowledgecafe@gmail.com